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Vitesse Data

Latest News

Apr 6, 2017 Deepgreen DB 16.16 is out. Major improvements include: better optimization of hash tables, ZStandard compression for column store, and a new SAMPLE keyword for SQL SELECT. Deepgreen DB 16.16 performance has been significantly enhanced as a result of these optimization; it is approximately 15% faster than Deepgreen DB 16.15 when running the full suite of TPC-H 10G. [more]

Aug 14, 2016 Vitesse DB 9.5.3.S is available for download; runs TPCH-Q1 up to 8X faster than Postgres 9.5.3. [more]

May 9, 2016 Deepgreen DB 16.05 is out; now with Fast Decimal, JSON type and faster column store using LZ4 compression algorithm. [more]

Mar 19, 2016 PgDay Asia 2016 talk: Data Warehouse in a PG / Greenplum / Vitesse DB Environment. [slides]

April 28, 2015 South Bay PostgreSQL Meetup talk: 100% Postgres, 100X Faster for Analytics. [slides]

March 23, 2015 Announcing the release of Vitesse DB, a PostgreSQL 9.3 derivative optimized for big workload. TPCH Q1 runs up to 180X faster.

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