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Wanted: a cofounder willing to move to a Moroccan surf town The Blue House

Its Sunday and Im spending the whole day working. Im not complaining though, Im sitting in front of the Atlantic sea in Morocco, working on an amazing project: The Blue House, a house where international startups can find headspace and inspiration in the Moroccan surf town of Taghazout. And I dont think this is going to change any time soon.

After five months designing the offer from Paris, and five months running the pilot program in Morocco, Ive come to the conclusion that startup founders and managers do need to get away, refocus, and find space to think about the big picture. When something is viable and helps people, then you know you have to go further.

Part of bringing this project to the next level means finding a cofounder, and thats where you come in.

From Texas, to Paris, to Morocco

Last year, I was driving in the desert, somewhere in Texas, and I decided that I had to stop trying to encourage others to open a space in Taghazout and host international startups and that I had to roll up my sleeves and bring the vision to life myself.

So, I gradually moved to part-time at my job, and found a cofounder via Twitter. Together, we did the market research, designed the offer, imagined a marketing strategy, and started talking with all the accelerators, VCs, and coworking spaces we could think of.  And then, The Blue House was born.

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