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WASD Keyboards | VIM Layout

What is Vi or ViM (Vi-iMproved)? (

You can check the Wikipedia article here

) TL:DR; Vim is a very powerful text editor favored by programmers for many reasons. Vim makes extensive use of keybindings (hotkey shortcuts) for functionality and navigation, thus making editing text much faster than conventional text editing applications as it eliminates the need for a mouse. 

The only real downside of using Vim is its somewhat steep learning curve. Most nubs will open Vim for the first time and then quickly realize they've fallen into quicksand! After being awkwardly confused on how to even exit the program (pro-tip: it's :q!), they're left scarred for life after what Vim did to them, how dare a program force prerequisite knowledge on how to do simple operations like open or save a file! Unfortunately this turns away a lot of users from wading through initial dark waters to find the efficient hotkey paradise awaiting them. 

If you're new to Vim, these layouts can be invaluable in helping you become acclimated. Even if you're not a beginner, these layouts can help you expand your preexisting Vim knowledge with new tools that will help you get your work done more quickly. 

ANSI black or white layouts are available in our online designer. If you want Programmers Dvorak, or a different color scheme, please specify in the comments section. 

ANSI - QWERTY (Standard black or white) 

ANSI - QWERTY (Low contrast "alien fruit salad" color scheme)

ANSI - Programmers Dvorak (Low contrast "alien fruit salad" color scheme)

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