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Strike - Were moving away from torrents, so whats next?

I suppose I’ve been waiting to make this post for sometime.


Source code for Strike Search is released here

some of you might be aware that since Aurous was sued and shutdown I’ve been quite absent from maintaining a few of my projects. Strike being one of the most popular. I receive constant emails that the search page no longer works; this was done for good reason. While I did attempt to make Strike purely a meta data engine after the lawsuit, I felt too exposed even operating it. While the API has remained online during this time period, it stopped offering downloads/magnets for hashes months ago, this doesn’t seem to have killed the sites popularity though. These are some metrics just in the last month

As you can see if just a teeny bit taxing on my server, so as of today I wanted to officially annouce that Strike will no longer focus on torrents, in fact I’ve decided to phase Strike into creating open source utilities that help every day life. Our first project is already under development and called Ulterius, an open source C# based framework that allows you to remotely manage windows based systems, all from any HTML5 enabled browser.

This includes but is not limited to

Thats just some of the features already implemented, while Ulterius is by no means production ready, we’re hoping this project is a big hit. The intitial build for release is nearing completion, but if you want to contribute we’re more than happy to have extra hands!

Even if you just want to extend functionality, we already have plugin support

What about the api?

I’m aware a lot of developers rely on the Strike API for their application, this shows from the API metrics which are even larger than the normal site. Because of this, we will open source our API’s actual code (terribly written PHP) and a basic scraper you can build on. When this will happen is still up for debate, but if you really urgently need it than see the contact information at the bottom of this post.

Who is part of Strike?

Andrew Sampson

Evan Banyash

Github Links

Will you ever do torrent related things again?

Most likely not, its easier to create completely original content than to attempt to ride the tails of existing content. While I found P2P technology fun, and I’ll continue to follow it and maybe develop stuff around it, I don’t foresee myself ever hosting Anything as a service in the future.

If for some reason you need to send a secure message, my pgp key is here

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