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Grow Happy Developers – Build Great Software Teams

Gota minute? I need to talk to you.

Andrea, your best developer, stops by to talk to you.


Shes concerned that next quarter's schedule might be too aggressive, and that your team might break theirnine-month winning streak of delivering on-time. She's also concerned this might hurt team morale, which is currently excellent.


After you discuss the schedule, she mentions a friend whos excited about working for you and could help the team hit their goals. This would allow you to hit the schedule as planned! Andreafeels the skills are a good fit, and offers to introduce you.


You accept her offer, knowing that she would notoffer unless she believedit was a good fit for the team. That's always her first priority. Plus, her last three referrals are working out great!


Oh, I forgot to mention that I got a call from a TweetFace recruiter out last week. I told her I was insanely happy at my current job. She was surprised until I told her where I worked, and she said shed heard good things about this Company. I just thought Id pass that along to you."


You know this isn't an accident.

You worked hard to create honest, personal relationships with each of them. You earned their trust. You created an environment where they can talk to you about anything. There's a free exchange of ideas, encouragement and criticisms that benefit everyone.

You designed the environment to foster your team's growth and communication,and it's envied by your peers inside the company and out. That's why you get your projects one on-time, and your team is loyal to you.

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