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nadjetey's blog — Where are the African programmers?

Where are the African programmers?

(I will talk about Accra, Ghana because that's what I know)

Hundreds of qualified computer science students (commonly referred to as IT students) graduate from our universities every year. Yet, for some strange reason, these people are virtually ghosts on the Internet. A simple test: try googling programmers in Accra. Understand what I mean now?

This is the frustration of many individuals/groups looking to contact such an invaluable human resource be it for job positions, collaboration opportunities or even for regular meetings/discussions. Really, "where are the African programmers"? Imagine the potential of having access to such human resource. The possibility of having meetings (Rails conferences for example) in Africa - specifically Accra city, where I live - excites me enough to attempt to solve this problem in my small corner. I will try and solve this the only way I know how - through software development.

I propose an online directory of African programmers. A place where anyone can search programmers based on say, community, programming language, project interests, gender, age brackets etc I hope to build this using Ruby on Rails (because that's what am currently studying). Usually when I ask for help on this blog, I hardly receive it. This time, if you are reading this make an effort. Your help is very welcome. You may even suggest what this project should be called at the very least. I am looking forward to collaborations on this project, tweet at me and let's start ideation.

Other words for programmers: coders, developers (devs), codewriters

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Posted: Monday 2 June 2014 Share

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