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Judith Butler Who Owns Kafka? LRB 3 March 2011

An ongoing trial in Tel Aviv is set to determine who will have stewardship of several boxes of Kafkas original writings, including primary drafts of his published works, currently stored in Zurich and Tel Aviv. As is well known, Kafka left his published and unpublished work to Max Brod, along with the explicit instruction that the work should be destroyed on Kafkas death. Indeed, Kafka had apparently already burned much of the work himself. Brod refused to honour the request, although he did not publish everything that was bequeathed to him. He published the novels The Trial , The Castle and Amerika between 1925 and 1927. In 1935, he published the collected works, but then put most of the rest away in suitcases, perhaps honouring Kafkas wish not to have it published, but surely refusing the wish to have it destroyed. Brods compromise with himself turned out to be consequential, and in some ways we are now living out the consequences of the non-resolution of Kafkas bequest.