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Why ads are a problem

Why ads are a problem

Many sites use ads as a source of their income, but ads present many problems for users, publishers and advertisers.


Users visit a site mainly for the content and rarely pay attention to anything else. To grab their attention publishers fill web pages with ads, which are annoying and often occupy the most real estate of the page. Ads are a problem for the user for many reasons:

  1. They are very annoying and lower users attention.
  2. They track users activity online, resulting in privacy violation.
  3. Some of them are scams.
  4. To grab attention ads use animations and flashes which result in energy consumption. From a study the energy consumed to render ads by the Dutch population in a year is equal to the yearly electricity consumption of nearly 2000 households in the Netherlands.
  5. Their rendering results in battery drain, a problem present mainly on mobile devices.
  6. They require bandwidth to download which results in slower sites.
  7. Ads increase the usage of RAM making the browser slower. On mobile devices the memory available is low, so if the user visits many sites at a time, when switching tabs the browser must re-fetch the page (resulting in useless CPU and bandwidth consumption).
  8. Advertisers must pay to publish ads, this results (indirectly) in higher prices of products and services.
  9. Many Internet plans charge by bandwidth consumed. So users pay indirectly both the bandwidth (in many cases), the energy and the increased products prices.


I love making sites, but it involves many costs, such as hosting, the domain name and the time spent to make sure the site is functional and useful for the user. It would be nice to make an income from a site, but it hurts me to annoy the user with ads and to know that he is tracked only because I put a little piece of code on my site.


Users pay for energy, bandwidth and higher products prices. Wouldnt it be better if they donated these money directly to the web-master?

Start donating today! Here are some micro donation services:

Block ads

A simple way to block ads, tracking and malware sites is to use the /etc/hosts list from

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