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Nirmal Almara's Journal

Computers are meant to be automating certain things in this world, so that you could concentrate on the important things in your life. It is not meant to be a life force of one's life.

When I see the modern UI, I feel like most things are made up to please the user into immoderate happiness, which is not real. Those are just distractions.

To quote Dieter RamsThe power of good design, "Good design is unobtrusive", "Good design is long-lasting", "Good design is as little design as possible". The interface is meant to sit there subtly to show the content in a proper way to do the work. It should be something you could get used to it or comfortable with it immediately and you don't expect it to be doing anymore. When I see these modern interfaces and all these animations/transitions, I get sudden emotions which seems good, but that fades away quickly and after that it turns out all too noisy. There is no serenity in it.

IMHO, design something that even after 40 years, users would see and expect nothing more than what it does.

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