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Why is Google mysteriously allowing some very popular apps to break many Google Play rules (developer policies)? : Android

No. These policies aren't comparable.

They are entirely comparable.

Apple allows Adblocking in their browser. That's it.


Google does too, albeit Chrome doesn't support extensions on Android yet.

Incorrect. These sentences make no sense together, and bridging them with a comma won't help that. Chrome does not support extensions on Android, therefore does not support Adblocking extensions.

That means that the stock browser for iOS does support adblocking, and the stock browser for Android does not support adblocking. No amount of spin or twisting words will change this.

But anyone can put up a browser with Adblocking.

Anyone can "put up a browser with adblocking" on iOS too. This has always been the case. There are plenty of them.

The adblocking policies on both OSes are identical, except for one major difference: Apple allows blocking of ads in their stock browser with no modification to the OS required, and Google doesn't. This is an indisputable fact.

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