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Why PgConf.US, 20 years of PostgreSQL -- That's why! | United States PostgreSQL

A conference specifically engineered to bring together community, developers, users, and the companies that support PostgreSQL, PgConf US is the conference for PostgreSQL in North America. When you attend you will be surrounded by the best and brightest that our community has to offer.

Launched in 1997, with decades of history through University of Berkeley Ingres, PostgreSQL is the most advanced database available in the ecosystem. Full Open Source under a liberal BSD style license, PostgreSQL allows an extensible, open, scalable, deployable, and widely used database without the constraints of artificial license requirements.

In 2016 PgConf US is celebrating 20 years of PostgreSQL with topics such as:

  • How PostgreSQL is tested - Peter Eisentraut, PostgreSQL Committer, Core
  • Predictive Analytics IN Postgres - Jim Nasby, PostgreSQL Contributor, Consultant
  • PostgreSQL Performance, 9.6devel Edition - Mark Wong, PostgreSQL Contributor, Consultant

    This is the largest PostgreSQL event in North America and I am looking forward to attending PgConf US 2016. The exceptional quality of content rivals that of the sister conference PgConf EU in Europe. Both of these conferences are a perfect chance to meet with core developers, contributors, and users of the most advanced database in the world. ---- Magnus Hagander, PostgreSQL Core, Committer, PostgreSQL Europe

    The content, hallway track, 20th Anniversary party and overall intellectual data download one receives from a conference such as PgConf US brings users from all corners of the globe. We will see attendees not only from North America but also Europe, Russia, and Asia. This combined with an inclusive and diverse community ensures PgConf US placement as the PostgreSQL conference within North America.

    To register for the conference please visit:

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