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Last week, I published a blog post titled "

Why I don't want to do anything with my life


I wasn't really expecting anything. Until,


happened. The discussion took a whole new turn into a range of topics from the validity of MBTI personality tests to my hidden agenda to get rich overnight by trying to sell my book. So I thought I'd clear the air a bit and lay things down the way they are.

First things first, about MBTI test, personally I do not take such tests seriously. The only reason why the results of MBTI test stuck a chord with me was because I could relate to it on a very personal level. I could clearly see a pattern in my zig-zag career path and could easily relate to the description of my ENFP personality type. I've written more about this in my earlier post "

My life changed when I found out that I'm an ENFP

". I also want to state explicitly, that despite having dabbled in one too many things in life, I have in no way excelled or have gone past anything but being an amateur in any of those chosen careers. This is exactly the reason why I've often felt aimless, hopeless, and depressed from time to time.

Next, about selling my book, I see now how trying to make money or setting yourself up to promote your work in a creative field could be a sensitive issue. It's like walking on tight rope. Push it hard and you come across as a sell out, downplay it and you risk letting your hard work go unnoticed. Since my last post, I've had to completely rethink my approach and take the simple traditional route of first growing my

mailing list

. This is perfectly okay and I think it's justified. I have since re-directed all previous links to my Patreon page to my mailing list. The only reason I had initially included links to my

Patreon page

 was to try out the platform and see if I can garner enthusiasts who would support and encourage me to write more. There was no other hidden agenda associated with it.

To further validate my commitment towards simply wanting to heard, I have since decided to put up my ebook for

free download

under the Creative Commons license (thanks to luxpir for suggesting this). Of course, if the subject of the book did interest you and if you'd like to encourage me to write more, I'd be delighted if you'd consider 


the EPUB version of my ebook directly from Amazon.

All in all, it was definitely an emotional ride seeing people's reactions and trying my best to be as honest and straightforward as possible. It definitely felt like being inside a boxing ring. But, as Niel Gaiman would put it, "And when things get tough, this is what you should do. Make good art."

So I made a comic. 

Here's my humorous take on the boxing match that went down last week as a result of my post.

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