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What is Search Encrypt? Why Should You Use A Private Search Engine? - Search Encrypt Blog

Why You Should Use Private SearchEngines?

The truth is, people know that search engines are tracking them. Most websites have privacy policies which clearly state that they use cookies and other means of tracking users. Any in many cases, when we are asked to give apps, websites, or products permission to track us, we blindly agree. This may seem acceptable at first, but its problematic if that same tracker is following you two years later, when youve forgotten about it.

Your search engine should be optimized for searching the internet, not tracking you once youve left. Your Google information can be used against you in legal cases, even in civil cases like divorces. To best search the web, a search engine will deliver the best answer to your question or the most relevant web page. Search engines that use complex tracking to gather your information won’t do this. Their goal is to deliver the answer you are most likely to click on, which isn’t always the best answer. Private search engines deliver better search results because they don’t use your past searches to determine what you see on the internet.

Data Profiles Get Used Against You

The information your search engine and other websites gather about you reveals a lot of personal information. Sometimes, though, this information is skewed or incorrect. In this case, you can be subject to the negative consequences of information even if it’s wrong. Data profiling could lead to you losing out on a job opportunity or being approved for a loan if you fit an undesirable profile.

You can limit the information your search engine stores by using a private search engine.

Which Private Search Engines are The Best?

There are quite a few choices for private search engines, these are the three most popular. Each offers slightly different methods for keeping your information hidden from big search engines. The advantage to many of these extends beyond privacy. The search results can be better because they are more objective and don’t change based on your past internet behavior.

Search Encrypt, DuckDuckGo and StartPage are all private search engines, so they will keep your searches safer than the traditional search engines. We recommend searching with each of these search engines and reading their respective privacy policies to make an informed decision about which to use.

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Private Search Engine Browser Extensions

Another way to add to your search privacy is to use private search engines as browser extensions. You just install these on your browser, like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, and will either redirect your searches to a private search engine or switch your default search engine to its private search engine.

Try these Private Search Extensions

Make The Internet Private for Everyone

Search Encrypt’s mission is to continue to improve the privacy landscape on the internet. We want to continue to raise the bar for privacy for everyone on every website, not just search engines. Our search engine keeps your searches confidential and doesn’t link them to your personally identifiable information.

The recent Facebook data scandals involving people’s personal data brought privacy concerns into mainstream media. As tracking becomes more widespread, people will have to take privacy into their own hands. Search Encrypt and other privacy advocates are working to make keeping your data protected easier!

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