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Yossi Appleboum Disagrees with How Bloomberg is Positioning His Research Against Supermicro

Today, Bloomberg upped the stakes in its contentious story around Chinese tampering of Supermicro hardware, citing Yossi AppleboumCEO of Sepio Systems . Here is that story . I reached out to Mr. Appleboum for comment via telephone. Whereas the Bloomberg story singles out Supermicro servers, Mr. Appleboum’s sentiment is that this is an industrywide issue. Other very large server and networking manufacturers are certainly impacted, perhaps more so. He also stated that as an industry, or a society, we have two options: we go with the narrative that a US company, Supermicro, is the only one impacted as the Bloomberg reporting suggests, or we recognize that this is a persistent threat that impacts the entire hardware supply chain that underpins the lynchpin communications infrastructure of our global economy.